Life under COVID

Ten months of sheltering in place. Working from home. No bus, no brewpubs, no restaurants.

Ten months ago, my employer sent a clear message: "stay home". And for the most part, I have.

I know not everyone is as lucky. Many jobs require in-person, on-site tasks that can't be performed from home. And when you need to break isolation for your job, how can you not break isolation for friends and family?

My employer said, "stay home". I have fiber to my home, my own office, and no school-age children to tend to. I have no issues working out of my home, and have largely benefitted from the new work-from-home world. COVID brought plenty of new problems to solve, many more opportunities for me to prove and improve my skills, while kicking it in the back yard with my new grill.

Let them eat steak!

I'm not oblivious to the hospitality worker, who saw their tips disappear with their clientele. Or the educators, who again, are saddled with an extra burden of teaching students remotely while dealing with isolation, anxiety, and all the other distractions of remote learning. Or the health care workers across the country, already overburdened, and now put at additional risk for their Christ-like compassion.

I isolate for those who cannot. I wish I could do more.