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I am Minneapolis

I moved to Minneapolis in 2011, making me at least the 4th generation in Minneapolis. My wife (from Minneapolis) and I had the conversation about MPD before moving here. We agreed two things - we'd be fine since we're white, and we wouldn't call the police on anyone unless we felt directly threatened.

I love my Minneapolis home. I love my town where my father, grandparents, and some great grandparents lived and thrived. I'm not afraid to live here, even 4 blocks from where MPD training officers murdered George Floyd, training new officers in banned procedures, with a man who committed no offense other than being black.

We feel safe and secure, but angry and frustrated that so much of our tax money goes to an organization that does not enforce the law, but demand compliance from a specific group of our neighbors.

We have lost all confidence in the system that gives the police union more power than the chief, than the mayor, than the city council.

We'll stay. And we'll fight for our neighbors, no matter their ancestry. God bless Minneapolis.

2019 Minnesota State Fair